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Susa Group (Susa A Family) - Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

Susa Group (Susa A Family) - the gorilla group that was famously studied by Dian Fossey in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda.
It derives its name from the Susa River which flows through their home range. This family is the hardest to trek as it tends to range high into the mountains but RDB’s Tourism & Conservation trackers will know well in advance where the group is located the day before in advance for the next trackers. Sometimes tourists have been barred from tracking the group because of its distant location. This group is very impressive with a family size now of 28 gorilla membersSusa gorilla group Rwanda with 3 Silverbacks. It was the largest gorilla group before it split into two. The group had 42 individuals and when one visited it, all you could see where Gorillas all over. The group is well known for the young twins named Byishimo & Impano who are very playful. It also contains one of the oldest known habituated gorillas, Poppy. Born in 1976 Poppy is believed to be from one of Dian Fossey's original gorilla groups.
Typically, a mother abandons one of the twins, as it is almost impossible for her to care for both. As we watched the mother, Nyabitondore, care for the twins, Impano and Byishimo, at times we thought she would go insane from the task. But today you can enjoy the two bouncing around and playing as if nothing ever happened.

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Travel Documents, Visas, Vehicle Crossing in East Africa Countries - Frequently asked questions

Questions about Visa and Travel Document Requirements when travelling between Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi. do I need a visa when crossing from one country to another? How do I cross borders with my own vehicle?

a) Do I need a visa to travel from one EAC country to the next?
If you are a citizen of any one of the five EAC Partner States of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, you won't need a visa to travel to any of the countries within the EAC bloc. For visitors from without East Africa, please check individual EAC Partner State Immigration/Home Affairs websites for visa information. Otherwise the basic rule is a visa acquired from one country does not apply to another and once you exit one country, you shall need to apply for another visa when re-entering it.
b) Which documents do I need to carry along with me when travelling to any EAC state?
Standard travel documents such as national passports apply for East Africans and non-East Africans alike, although East Africans may use the East African Passport or temporary travel documents in place of either national or East African passports.
c) I would like to use my vehicle in another EAC country; what should I do?
East Africans are allowed to drive private cars across borders and across the entire EAC region, free of charge, for visits no longer than seven (7) days.  All you have to do is fill a form, obtainable at border crossing points, which grants you the free access. Generally speaking, you need to have a COMESA Insurance which can be purchased from any major insurance companies or even at most border crossing points, your original driver’s license, and original copies of your vehicles owner’s logbook.
d) Do I need to acquire a local driver's license to drive my car in another EAC state?
Citizens of EAC states need not acquire a new license to drive in another EAC country. Driver’s licenses from any of the Partner States apply anywhere in the EAC region. Suffice it to say that your license must be valid.
e) As a resident of East Africa, can I use my current mobile phone number when I travel through the region?
Yes. Thanks to a series of inter-operator roaming agreements, East African residents may continue to use their local mobile phone numbers, sometimes without incurring roaming charges. *Please check the availability of this service with your operator.
f) What should I do if I lose my travel documents while visiting another country?
If you lose your travel documents, report to the nearest police station as soon as possible. With the Police's help you should be able to access temporary travel documents from your country's diplomatic mission.
g) I am a citizen of Tanzania living in the United Kingdom, I have UK  right of abode in my United Republic of Tanzania passport, do I need a visa to visit Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi or Uganda? - Carlos Montana

A citizen of any of the East African Community Partner States (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda) does not require a visa to travel to or through East Africa. Also note that East African citizens pay the same rates as locals in a given EAC country to access any tourist or accommodation facilities.

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j) My question is not addressed here; what should I do?
If your query is not addressed on this page, please send us an email on . We will be happy to provide an answer, and your question shall then be added to this page as well.

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Rwanda’s RDB to Grade more hotels

Using the East African Community’s guidelines for grading and classification of hotels and other hospitality businesses, RDB is reportedly committed to play their part in ensuring that standards and quality of tourism establishments in Rwanda are uplifted to match if not exceed those of their neighbours in the East African community.


The Rwanda Development Board’s Tourism and Conservation Department is set to grade at least 30 more hotels this year, following the start of the exercise last year. Using the East African Community’s guidelines for grading and classification of hotels and other hospitality businesses, RDB is reportedly committed to play their part in ensuring that standards and quality of tourism establishments in Rwanda are uplifted to match if not exceed those of their neighbours in the East African community. Presently only the Kigali Serena Hotel and the Nyungwe Forest Lodge by DubaiWorld hold the coveted 5 star ranking, while a number of other Kigali hotels were graded as four star properties, as was the Lake Kivu Serena. A number of other establishments have requested to be put on the list for upcoming inspections to ensure they too can publicly announce and display their star rating once the exercise is complete. Those already graded will however also undergo a fresh audit to ensure that standards established at first inspection will have been maintained to ensure continued high ranking, also giving others the opportunity to attain a further star, should improvement made over the past two years warrant such a decision.

When you were here last time we discussed the very issue of standards. Rwanda is a niche destination, still largely focused on gorilla tracking. The new products launched over the past two or three years however have attracted a lot of attention. Hiking is now a regular activity, in Nyungwe Forest, Gishwati Forest and along the Congo-Nile Trail. Birding has become an important additional niche. It is now important to raise our standards so when visitors come to Rwanda as an extension of their Kenya or Tanzania holiday they get the best possible quality, in guides, in infrastructure and of course in hospitality. There is always room to improve but we have made it our mission to accomplish certain goals sooner rather than later. When the new Marriott will open, it will compete at level terms with the Serena and that is good for the country as it offers another 5 star choice. Our MICE business is growing strongly too and that segment of the market in particular is really very much interested in quality facilities. Rwanda is going places’ said a source in Kigali working at a hotel but, for not being the official company spokesperson had to opt for an off the record comment.